Combining the power of doTerra Essential Oils and Yoga

Yoga to calm the mind, settle the body, enhance the senses and ease the mind.

Art Therapy to stimulate the creative mind, re balance and take us away.

Aromatherapy to assist with deep healing of the body, mind and soul.

AromaYogi Expands our yoga practice by adding another dimension to our routine.

Practice AromaYogi with Eka YogiLife products

for a unique experience.

Enrich and enhance your practice with aromatherapy scents that compliment your Eka YogiLife Yoga Mat!

Want to know more about how doTerra Oils can enhance your yoga practice and your life? Contact me, Lauryn, for more info.

I invite you to shop around the doTerra website, perhaps try a few of the popular and universal oils like like Lemon, Wild Orange, Lavender, Eucalyptus or Peppermint would be a great start. I KNOW you'll be hooked, just like I fell in LOVE with these wonderful medicinal remedies.

As a DoTerra Wellness advocate, I can point you to all the info YOU need to start empowering your life right now.  Essential oils are, well essential in my opinion . . .  they are the stuff of the earth, concentrated into little drops of joy.  Each oil contains it's own unique properties and compounds (for example, Clove oil is high in eugenol, which is a great remedy for supporting and detoxing from candida overgrowth and other fungal infections).  Essential oils have medicinal properties that can support many functions of the body to encourage healing.

There are many benefits to becoming a doTerra wellness advocate including unlimited access to a wonderful network of like minded individuals who have taken health and wellness into their own hands.  Share ideas, stories, and most of all wellness support. I would LOVE to tell you about ALL the benefits of doTerra Essential oils - including how they give back to the earth and help many communities around the world prosper.

If you fall in love (it's very easy to as these essential oils do possess amazing and life changing essences), you may want to explore a membership option to receive the full wholesale benefits.

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For more information, please contact me directly by email  or via doTerra.


When you join doTerra as a Wellness Advocate with the AromaYogi Team!




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