AromaYogi - Flow Like an Ocean Wave


Exprience the Ocean

A yoga Practice

Dream of being one with the ocean, flowing with the waves - rolling, turning, curling, stretching, reaching and then ...

Splashing into nothingness.

That's what I experienced during my most recent yoga practice.  Using Eka YogiLife "Wave" yoga mat with Pandora calm meditation radio, and my new love - Deep Blue Essential Oils Blend by doTERRA diffused during practice.

Deep Blue smells like misty ocean breeze on a warm summer night. Inspiring and invigorating. I flowed through a wonderful ocean inspired spontaneous vinyasa and truly and deeply relaxed into my meditation.  I hadn't felt this in years.

The scent of the ocean combined with the colors of a wave at sunset, the texture of the mat and calming nature sounds really enhanced my practice.

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