Our Philosophy:

Make the World a More Beautiful Place.

Our Mission:

To Save the World One Yoga Mat at a Time

There are a few causes that I feel very deeply and strongly support my mission.

Below, please read about these causes and what we're doing to help:


Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking


5% of all proceeds are donated to this cause.

I encouraging my followers to donate to this cause - I strongly support fighting against this horrific crime and bringing it to light.

As of last year, 800,000 children are reported to have gone missing in the United States alone (that's about 2,000/day - at  every 1.5 minutes).  Of those cases, at least 10,000+ are reported to be child sex trafficking related.

Moving forward, I will personally be donating what I can on a monthly basis to this organization, as well as donating 10% of proceeds from sales.

I have also flagged one of our yoga mats for 100% donation of all proceeds - you can purchase that product here.
Eka YogiLife has committed to supporting www.vets4childrescue.org


Clean up the Oceans


We support their efforts and donate as often as possible. This is a cause I've long been passionate about - I'm glad to see that someone is taking initiative, even when our own governments won't acknowledge the problem.

We are all deeply connected to the water, the ocean and the flow of energy that moves through it.  Our oceans are sick, our planet is sick and we need to clean it up!  Thank you @4ocean we will purchase our bracelets and we encourage all of our followers to do so as well!


Plant Some Trees!

I Love Trees! If I had the space, I would plant trees all over my backyard!

I periodically donate to and purchase from The Arbor Day Foundation as a way to contribute to beautifying the world. I will also be purchasing my trees and other plants for landscaping my property from them!  It's a great way to contribute & help to nurture mother earth. 

Trees make great gifts - even if you just plant them on a side street or local community gathering spot.

Take some time to learn about the efforts of the Arbor Day Foundation


Please Note: we are not affiliated in any way with any of the above mentioned organizations.  I promote those causes that are dear to my heart that feed my souls mission to one day see a beautiful world in peace and harmony spring forth from this broken mess it has become.