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To Save The World One Yoga Mat at a Time! - just kidding.... these are after all not flying-carpet-mats (although we wish they were) ... but in all seriousness Eka YogiLife and its founder have a vested interest in saving the world - our mats alone won't do the trick, BUT you can help!  We will be donating 10% of all proceeds to a few organization that support world saving efforts, a few mats at a time, proceeds will be donated with each purchase. Please read about these causes here: Giving Back

Eka YogiLife was founded on the basis of innovation.  Our mission was to create a mat that would comprise the best of functionality, durability,  and beauty.  It is our goal to provide a unique yoga experience that will support the healing practice of yoga through the therapy of art.  As an artist working for an art consulting firm for 12+ years mainly providing art to medical facilities and hospitals, I've learned a lot about the importance of art for healing.  Being of the alternative mind, it was my mission to create beauty for the soul that could be enjoyed in a wellness practice; what better way to do this than through the practice of Yoga, the ultimate healer.

There is much research on the topic of art therapy and color theory for healing.  I truly believe that art is an expression of the soul and the use of art in the right way can add to healing on the level of the soul.  Our mats add beauty to the practice but also they add beauty to the meditation space, and to ones life.

What we've produced is a mat that functions better than other designer printed brands and is more beautiful than any leading yoga mat on the market.  The Eka YogiLife mission is to make the world a more beautiful place, one yoga mat at a time.


Founded by artist and designer Lauryn Vacey, the creator and artist behind the brand, Eka YogiLife had it’s beginning in a small apartment on Long Island. As an artist, art scholar, graphic designer, art director, biology and psychology study, and true believer in the healing powers of Yoga, she was compelled many years ago to begin a journey into developing a unique product that would enhance the yoga practice.

Eka YogiLife = "One Life, Yogi"



Eka YogiLife is a holistic and wellness conscious company. We are Health and Wellness of the Individual, the Family and Community. I value the arts and strive to bring the benefits of art together with the practice of Yoga to support a lifestyle based on mindfulness, as well as to support humanitarian efforts.

Early in life, I have felt a move to “Change the World” one of my favorite songs by Eric Clapton; inspired by such people as Mahatma Ghandi - “Be the Change you Wish to see in the World.” There are many issues on our planet that I am deeply moved to support in the best way that I can.

As an artist, designer, mother of 2, wife, and entrepreneur also working 2 jobs - I do my best to get involved when and however I can. At this time, Eka YogiLife is a proud donor to these organizations, with 10% of all proceeds from sales donated.

To support the yoga practice, it was important that our designs incorporate color combinations with purpose.

Colors are healing, every color that we can see (and even the colors that we cannot) emit their own wavelength.  Wavelengths are essentially energy vibrations, so on a physical level, color does resonate with energies within our bodies, specifically the chakra centers.  When we couple color with a balanced design, it can enhance the inner energies within the body.

I believe that practicing on an Eka YogiLife designer yoga mat and choosing a design that speaks to ones inner self, will resonate with each yogi during practice and enhance the vibrations of their being, as color and art therapy do.


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