Salt and Fire - Designer Printed Yoga Mat

Salt and Fire - Designer Printed Yoga Mat

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Get your flow-on with "Wave" designer Custom Exclusive Eka YogiLife Yoga Mat

Custom designer printed yoga mat.

Full color limited edition art print on a yoga mat! Our unique print process allows us to capture the full breadth of the color spectrum while maintaining functionality!  Ideal for all types of yoga.

This is not a screen-print process! Why is this important? Our print process ensures that the application of the graphic to the mat will not impede on functionality (ie there is no increased slippage, no worry about the ink chipping/pealing or flaking off). 



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- EkoYogi Mat** - 1/4" thick, eco-friendly rubber based foam, latex free, pthalate free and heavy metal free, pvc free, jute top (underneath the print), great rigidity, grip and firm cushion, durable.

- Eka Cork Mat - 1/4" thick natural cork over rubber mat, tear resistant, eco friendly and non toxic! Pthalate free and heavy metal free, pvc free. Image printed over material, natural cork will show through image! CONTAINS LATEX

- Eka Studio Mat - 100% Made in the USA! Extra thick, grip coating - 1/4" thickness, latex free, pthalate free and heavy metal free foam studio yoga mat (very durable with inner mesh material frame).


**EkoYogi Mat in Natural sometimes comes with grey or beige undertone depending on availability. Designs printed on Natural use minimal or no white under the image - this adds a "vintage/worn" look to the mat that we LOVE. Please see photos for examples. Why we offer this option: we LOVE the look, it also adds to the integrity of the mat when we use less ink.



Please contact Eka YogiLife to create a custom order.