Cotton Yoga Mat Bag Om Eka YogiLife Brand

Cotton Yoga Mat Bag Om Eka YogiLife Brand

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Om the sound of the universe uniting mind, body and spirit.  
Beautifully sophisticated sleek design.

The Eka OM mat carry bag is made of cotton and dyed with 100% natural black cotton dye.
Featuring room for 1/4" thick and long mats - 30"L x 7"dia., sturdy adjustable carry-strap (extra thick for comfort and durability), hidden zippered compartment inside and a zippered compartment on the outside.

Eka YogiLife brand products are made with intention.  Eka, meaning one, embodies our practice as yogis seeking a life of meaning, compassion, unity and oneness with the universe.  The Eka YogiLife brand is for all yogis - new and seasoned, seeking through the practice of yoga meditation.

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