Fallen - Premium Quality Designer Printed Yoga Mat - Natural, Eco-friendly

Fallen - Premium Quality Designer Printed Yoga Mat - Natural, Eco-friendly

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Practice like the graceful angel you are on "Fallen" yoga mat. Custom designer printed yoga mat.

Custom artist designed printed yoga mat.

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Eka YogiLife brand products are made with intention. Eka, meaning one, embodies our practice as yogis seeking a life of meaning, compassion, unity and oneness with the universe. The Eka YogiLife brand is for all yogis - new and seasoned, seeking through the practice of yoga meditation.

Functional and Beautiful:

Custom designer printed yoga mat. Full color limited edition art print on a yoga mat! Our unique print process allows us to capture the full breadth of the color spectrum while maintaining functionality!

What we've produced is a mat that functions better than other designer printed brands and is more beautiful than any leading yoga mat on the market. The Eka YogiLife mission is to make the world a more beautiful place, one yoga mat at a time.

This is not a screen-print process! Why is this important? Our print process ensures that the application of the graphic to the mat will not impede on functionality (ie there is no increased slippage, no worry about the ink chipping/pealing or flaking off).

…WHY CHOOSE Eka YogiLife…

Colors are truly healing, every color that we can see (and even the colors that we cannot) emits its own wavelength. Wavelengths are essentially energy vibrations, so on a very real level, color does resonate with energies within our bodies, specifically the chakra centers. When we couple color with a balanced design, I feel a well thought-out design full color printed yoga mat, like Eka YogiLife brands, can enhance inner energies within the body. I strive to keep my designs simple yet compelling.

I believe that practicing on an Eka YogiLife designer yoga mat and choosing a design that speaks to the inner self, will resonate with each of us during practice and enhance the vibrations of our beings, as color and art therapy do.


All of our mats are eco-friendly sustainably produced, free of toxic phthalates and heavy metals.

- Eka Cork Mat - 1/4" thick natural cork over rubber mat, tear resistant, extra cushion for sensitive joints. Image printed over material, natural cork will show through image! CONTAINS LATEX

- EkoYogi Mat** - 1/4" thick rubber based foam, latex free, jute top (underneath the print), great rigidity, grip and firm cushion, durable.

- Eka Studio Mat - 1/4" thick 100% Made in the USA! Extra thick, grip coating - reinforced foam studio yoga mat (very durable with inner mesh material frame).

**EkoYogi Mat in Natural sometimes comes with grey or beige undertone depending on availability. Designs printed on Natural use minimal or no white under the image - this adds a "vintage/worn" look to the mat that we LOVE. Please see photos for examples. Why we offer this option: we LOVE the look, it also adds to the integrity of the mat when we use less ink.


24" wide x 72" long


Please visit our custom order item.

Checkout and provide the following information in the Notes Section:

1. Let us know if you would like a custom design created from scratch, or if you would like to modify one of our existing designs with a personalized name, quote or text, or color changes.

2. Description of the design you would like us to create for you. We create all of our designs from scratch.

3. Any wording/Names/Text/Fonts you might have in mind.

4. Any deadline dates you have.

5. I will email you to start the design process, collect any other

Because of the custom nature of our product and the devotion we put into creating each design, we ask that you purchase your mat prior to any design work. I will work with you to create your custom design until you are completely in love with it.

Please note that because of the custom nature of our products, and the time it takes to create the design work, please allow sufficient time for any deadlines you may have.

All of our mats are made to order and require time to create. Please allow us time to make your mat perfect.

Great yoga gift for birthday, graduation, certification completion, yoga training completion, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, anniversary, Christmas, Hanukkah, back to school, wedding, retirement.

We offer personalization and customization that make exceptional gifts!