One Love Long Island 2016

Come Out and Play!

We'll be around the Island this season at many events!

See list below.

This Summer Season (hopefully it gets warm ...)

Eka YogiLife will be attending the following events:


Market 21 on Shelter Island 29 West Neck Road - held every Sat. from Memorial Day - Labor Day - (and Sundays on these holiday weekends). Eka YogiLife will be participating on the following dates:

Memorial Day Weekend (Sat. and Sun.)

June 30th

July 21

August 25

Labor Day Weekend (Sun. only)

Sept. 9 - Wanderlust Brooklyn, NY - Lauryn will be a participant- sporting my Eka YogiLife apparel - we will not have a booth, but if you happen to spot me - please hit me up for a chat!  If you'd like to join me, this day for the event - send me an email and we can meet-up!

Sept. 22 - 3rd Annual One Love Long Island Event - Eka  YogiLife will be donating 10% off all proceeds to the cause this year.  All proceeds raised at the event are generously donated by Nadine Wolf, One Love Long Island, to Puresa Humanitarian - rescuer and savior of women and girls from sex trafficking.

More Dates and Events to be announced in next few weeks.  Check back, or join our mailing list for updates.