Creating a Meditation Space

Minimalism is Key

De-clutter your space.

Creating a Meditation Space may seem simple enough, since simplicity is the main ingredient.  However, planned design - especially minimalist design, takes some doing and can be accomplished in many different ways.  One should decide what are you trying to accomplish in your design?  Is there a focus on texture?  On color? Lack of color? Do we want our design to feel soft or hard?  Is our primary focus comfort or pure modern design?

The design below is very modern, incorporates a lot of tone-on-tone color but uses texture to create depth.  Here the focus is tactile and modern design.  We've added our Om wall decal to create a little interest and comfort those hard lines with some soft round edges.

Adding the Earth yoga mat to this design is the perfect fit because it also brings in the softness of mother earth to an otherwise stark room.

For meditation, the room could you some soft pale mint or coral curtains or ceiling drapes to soften it up a bit more. Otherwise, this design makes for a nice clean space to meditate, yoga, or just chill and read a book or just be with your self, without added visual distraction.