The Beach . . . Home

When you can't get to the beach . . . There's a mat for that! #theresamatforthat

The shoreline is my home. If you know any 1 thing about me and Eka YogiLife, we LIVE for the #beach.

I love the sound of the waves crashing against the sand. Here on the North Shore of Long Island, we get an added sound - water receding against the stony banks.

I was fortunate to be able to walk to my little north shore beach haven this past Sunday, and find a sandy spot to do some #yoga - using the sound of the waves (it was very rough waters that day) as my #meditation. Once things calmed down from local excitement of the morning, a boat washed up on shore due to the stormy waters! I hope those people are ok and were able to get their boat back!

I am #grateful to my #YogaPractice giving me the strength to walk the half mile there, with my mat and all I needed to make the trek, practice and walk back. I'd have not been able to do this one year ago.

There's nothing more exciting to me than knowing that I've giving my body the tools to perform the lifestyle that I crave, and having something to continuously #motivate me and call me back to my practice each time.

This #yogaMat, #Calling is a tribute to our favorite place on this island, a place we call #home, that we are drawn to for #rebirth, #rejuvenation, #healing and #clarity

Bring the memory of the beach to your practice where ever you are and dedicate your practice to returning home.