Eka Cork Mat: Style, Performance, Durability

Have you met the Eka Cork Mat?

Printed Cork top with a dense Natural Rubber base

Eka Cork Mat

This mat features Exclusive and Beautiful Designs while also being the best quality in functionality and Earth Friendly.

Professional High Quality Materials: 5mm thick Dense natural rubber is durable, does not brittle in sun, provides stability and cushioned support for heavy use, balancing poses, relieves joint pressure. High quality cork is soft yet durable and provides anti-slip practice when wet.

Soft Cork Top: acts like a towel, absorbs sweat, grip increases with more liquid. GREAT for Hot Yoga

Anti-Tear: will not crease or rip

Sustainable: Both cork and Natural Rubber are sustainable natural sources

Bio-Degradable: both Cork and Natural Rubber are eco-friendly and biodegradable

Natural Rubber Base: (5mm) - thick, dense, non-slip base will not bunch or move. Firm stability PLUS cushion. The perfect balance of cushion and stability in 1 mat!

Reversible: Not a sweater? No Problem! Flip it over for an added rubber grip during slow or dry practice

We LOVE this mat! It’s become my favorite so far - as my practice advances, I find this mat has supported all the crazy shapes!

Almost ALL Eka YogiLife designs are available in the Eka Cork Mat.

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