Healing with Color: Blue


As we close out the week with MY BIRTHDAY😱! Let's talk about the benefits of #Blue! Coincidentally, my birthstone is #Aquamarine, my favorite variety of blue! Associate with the 5th #chakra, Vishuddha, located at the throat, first of the 3 spiritual chakras - governing communication. listening, hearing, speech, self expression, decision making.

Organs associated with this chakra include thyroid, parathyroid, shoulder, trachea, vocal cords, cervical vertebrae, mouth, neck among others.

Communication between our higher spiritual being & the physical self is the main function. This chakra creates the pathway for communication of the mind, body, spirit connected by all 3 spiritual chakras (crown, third eye and throat). Blockages may induce feelings of disassociation & inability to express true nature. We may not be able to properly communicate with others. Physical symptoms may include diseases of the vocal cords, mouth, thyroid.

Clear blockages & increase knowledge of the true self, useing blue in meditation & yoga.

Meditate on the color blue. Hold the color in your minds eye at the throat chakra, envision a spinning blue lotus. Place crystals like Aquamarine in your energy field during #mediation #yoga. #Aquamarine provides a cooling, soothing, healing vibration.

#sandalwood, my fav #essentialOil, especially good for supporting vishudda. A mood elevating aroma best known for it's benefits to the skin, used for many years in spiritual practices. For this chakra, it is helpful in breaking down illusions.

Try an blue toned #Eka #YogiLife #YogaMat :
#TreePose 2
Tree Pose 5

#ShoulderStand followed by #Fish is a great way to open up this chakra!

I LOVE THE COLOR BLUE! (I also probably need more of it in my life! 🙃

Which chakra could you use more work on?