Color for Healing: Orange

Orange, my FAVORITE color (in the variation of coral); associated with the sacral chakra, or in sanskrit, Svadhishthana, connects us to our emotional body -energizing our centers of pleasure, sensuality, creativity, fluidity, and fantasy.

This chakra is located about 2" below the naval and is associated with the reproductive organs, lymphatic system, and the kidneys.

Orange is most notably associated with feelings of joy, and sunshine!

As well as: warmth, heat, enthusiasm, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, sexuality, freedom, expression, and fascination.

No wonder it's my favorite color!

An imbalance in this chakra will create a whole range of physical manifestations from in-satisfaction to depression, as it can destabilize the emotions.

Overactive energy in this chakra can lead to endless seeking of gratification and consequently overindulgence in things like food, sex, and money, as well as over dramatization, aggression, anxiety and codependency. Blockages can result in lack of vitality and depression due to the effect this chakra has on the emotional body, ultimately creating detachment from the emotions.

Healing with orange: the color orange can help to re-balance this chakra by restoring the reproductive system, overall vitality and emotional wellness to the body, and release creativity that may have been stifled.

Yoga is of great benefit to rebalancing any of the chakras, but especially with the sacral chakra.

I would recommend these Eka YogiLife mats for supporting the sacral chakra:

Be Free
Rise Up
Salt & Fire
Night & Day
Tree Pose 2

Each design may suite your individual needs with varying shades of orange and cool tones.

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