Open the Heart ... and the hips


I love Hip and Heart opening poses - lord knows I need it!

Especially after having children, the hips are tight, the core is weak. I also carry a lot of stress in my shoulders which closes off and clogs the heart chakra energy ... top that off with raising 2 VERY strong-willed children - having to adopt a tough love mentality .....😱

It's a roller coaster of love mixed with ripping your hair out!

I love flipped-dog because it is challenging and it also give a nice side body stretch, shoulder and hip stretch. This also opens the 2nd chakra, the sacral chakra, the color orange, which corresponds to emotion, sexuality, freedom among other things.

I always need to go back to the heart and hip openers.

I find, the more I practice, the more I NEED to practice. I try to listen to my body and give it the poses that it needs in the moment. Most of my practice consists of hip, shoulder and heart openers like #DancerPose, ashtanga namaskar, and #upDog are some of my go -toos.

Do you have a favorite style of pose?