Essential Oils Pairing: Looking In & Rose Oil

To match the balanced natural undertones and green heart chakra connection, I would recommend any meditation practice with #Rose #EssentialOil by #doterra.

Rose is a spiritually supportive oil that helps to balance emotions and uplift the mind. Rose oil has the highest #spiritual frequency of any oil and can open us up to unconditional love ... No wonder roses are a symbol of #LOVE!

The floral aroma is mood elevating, calming, and heart awakening. Rose essential oil has been used for thousands of years in spiritual practice because of it's ability to awaken the heart and connect to spirit.

Rose oil is also well known for its skin healing and soothing properties - helping to diminish the appearance of imperfections, balance moisture levels in the skin and promote a healthy and even skin tone.

I use rose oil when my skin is feeling a little blah - and it usually matches my mood.

The red and green color-balance of the rose bush is akin to the colors of this design. Roses being symbolic of love and natural beauty, I thought it a great match for "Looking In"

I use this oil as a personal fragrance when I'm looking for a light feminine scent that is not overwhelming.

For a complete meditation experience, diffuse this oil or apply topically to wrists, hollow of the neck and behind the ears - while practicing on #LookingIn to promote feelings of inner #peace, #selfLove, self compassion and self nurturing.