For the Love of Design: Salt & Fire

Salt & Fire was first a hand drawn sketch, inspired by the captivating fantastical creature the mermaid. Anyone who is drawn to the sea undoubtedly has an affinity for tales of the elusive mermaid. The siren is one of my favorite mythical creatures.

In this design, I hoped to captivate the spirit of such a creature - her lustrous, deceptive, sensual nature. The siren with it's elusive, seductive, shape-shifting qualities and ability to control the sea, could be symbolic of the strength of women and the changes and turmoil that often accompanies them throughout their lives.

The intentional Use of color here is inspired by the colors of the ocean and sky at sunset, a mix of warm and cool tones, this mat would bring balance the chakras of the mid section - throat, hear, solar plexus and navel chakra

The use of yellow added as a color pop in contrast to the blues and greens. Yellow being the color of hope, of truth, of original thought, of sunshine and creative inspiration.

Put this into the context of our theme this week "change" - the hope, strength and courage it takes to move mountains in the face of adversity, this strength can be seen in the woman. - and as a tribute to International Woman's Day earlier this week, I give you the Siren as a symbol of all woman.

This mat is great support for anyone looking to inspire their creativity and open their heart to its full potential.

Practice on this mat if you believe.

 Salt & Fire