Beautiful Radiant Skin

I have always had problem skin.  It had taken years of rebooting my system with dieting, colon cleanses, intestinal cleanses, working out etc. to get rid of my problem skin!  However, I still have flair ups and have had to be VERY aware of every little thing I put on my face.

I began using facial powders that have no talc or mica, and then finally switched to 100% no filler pascalite clay.

For skin moisturizer I began to rely on natural oils like coconut oil, sesame seed oil and olive oil.  I first was afraid thinking these oils would clog my pores and make my skin worse, however to the contrary, they helped to heal my skin, promote balance between oily and dry patches and evened out my skin tone!

Turning to high quality essential oils was a no brain-er.

My go-to skin soothing, repairing and tone-evening oils are Geranium and Copiaba.  Every morning and evening, I apply a mixture of 1 drop each with a few drops carrier oil and massage all over face and neck. When done, I smooth the rest over my hands and they are silky smooth all day.

Copiaba has quickly become one of my favorites.  It has many wonderful properties including cell regeneration, cardiovascular health, immune health, blemish reducer and powerful antioxidant capabilities, among others.

Artwork Courtesy of @GinaMartone - Soon to be available Eka YogiLife Yoga Mat!

Artwork Courtesy of @GinaMartone - Soon to be available Eka YogiLife Yoga Mat!