Eka YogiLife Events Schedule Summer 2018

It's Official!

Come visit us at these events! We'd love to meet you!

Market 21 on Shelter Island 21 North Ferry Road - held every Sat. from Memorial Day - Labor Day - (and Sundays on these holiday weekends). Eka YogiLife will be participating on the following dates:

Memorial Day Weekend (Sat. and Sun.)

June 30th

July 21

August 25

Labor Day Weekend (Sun. only)

Sept. 9 - Wanderlust Brooklyn, NY - Lauryn will be a participant- sporting my Eka YogiLife apparel - we will not have a booth, but if you happen to spot me - please hit me up for a chat!  If you'd like to join me, this day for the event - send me an email and we can meet-up!

Sept. 22 - 3rd Annual One Love Long Island Event - Eka YogiLife will be donating 10% off all proceeds to the cause this year.  All proceeds raised at the event are generously donated by  One Love Long Island, to Puresa Humanitarian - rescuer and savior of women and girls from sex trafficking.

More Dates and Events to be announced in next few weeks.  Join our mailing list for updates.